Pony @ Full Throttle


To Pony @ Full Throttle. Where we have fun with Fords that go faster. We are located in Las Vegas NV and run primarily at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Currently we are installing a new motor in our 2006 Super Gas Mustang chassis car it runs mid 9's in the quarter mile.  We are members of the NHRA.


One of our other team cars is a 1974 Pinto that runs in the 10's in the quarter mile.


And last but certainly not least is the 1965 Falcon (yes a bird but he did start out with a Mustang). Preceeding was a 72 Maverick before that was a 71 Pinto Wagon that ran 10's in the quarter mile. This car made a right turn and has been put out to pasture (through no falt of the driver). He is ok and building the Falcon at the moment, which should be up and racing in the '12 season.








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