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About Us

We are dedicated to drag racing safely. Also to having alot of fun with all our friends at the LVMS (notice the humor in the sticker on the window "It ain't Honda fast but it does alright").


We are all members of the NHRA  and the Mustang team is members of the Black Mustang Club (the only black Mustang registry)


The people you see in the old race car:

On the left is Jerry Wilson he is the owner and builder of the old Camaro and the 2006 Mustang. He is a Diagnostic Technician and has been for 29 years. He would love your input or your questions just e-mail him. Jerry@PonyAtFullThrottle.com


The guy sitting next to him is Chris Fogarty the driver for the 2006 Mustang and the 1975 Camaro (but we are trying to forget about the Chevy :)). Chris is the one that paints all of the really realistic "True Fire" paint, if you need a quote or just have a question just e-mail him. He is also a Technician. He cuts one mean light at the race track and is quite the competitor. He is also the other team cars ('74 Pinto) son. So he has grown up at the race track and had some great training from his Dad (TJ). Again he would love your input or your questions just e-mail him.  Chris@PonyAtFullThrottle.com 


On the 1974 Pinto page you will find pictures of TJ Fogarty's race cars through the years and his current car. He is a great guy and has alot of drag racing knowledge. If you have any questions just e-mail him. TJ@PonyAtFullThrottle.com 


On the 1965 Falcon page you will find pictures of Dennis Wergin's race car's with Dennis standing proudly (as well he should be) next to the Mustang. If you have any questions or input for Dennis just e-mail him. Dennis@PonyAtFullThrottle.com









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