Pony @ Full Throttle

1974 Pinto

 From TJ:


   Here is the morphing of time (see below) the first picture is my first car the original T.J.'s Toy. It started out as a street car and before you know it we were trailering it to and from the track verses driving it . After a top end crash (pictures to come) which destroyed the car and didn't do much for me either, we built the replacement car, not to be superstitious yeah right I changed the name to the Steelhorse, with a few new tricks to make it go faster. Due to raising three kids (the youngest drives the  06 Mustang) I laid off racing for a couple years racing every now and then. I saved a few bucks and picked up the third car from a friend, with some minor mods (he had a big block Chevy in it YUCK) and fresh paint and back to the "T.J.'s Toy 2" on the door I was back at it. With the new motor I had to put the wheelie bars back on the car as the motor broke in it just kept picking the front end up higher and higher. 


With my father getting very sick and the wife having neck and back surgeries this year I made the decision to sit out the season. All are well and doing good so next season here I come. SPent some of my time sanding down the race ar preping for new paint. I will be looking good when I return.


A betterr season with a win, runner-up and one semi final. I am looking forward to a great season next year new motor is working great and running strong. 


Another good season with one win and two runner-up's. Hoped to finish in the top 10 in points but just came up short. Working on new motor for next season.


A good year with a bad ending wreaking my motorhome and damaging  the race car on our way back from Topgun Racecway, Fallon, NV at the Summit Series E.T. Finals. The motorhome was replaced by my insurance but the car needed a new door and repairs to the rear quarter panel.


Not a bad season with only a few hick-ups, a runner up finish, I finished in the top 15 in points would have been higher but had to attend my oldest sons wedding and wouldn't have missed it for anything. That said look for a rejuvinated Pinto for next year. I am in the process of dismantling the car and re-doing a lot of things to include fresh paint. I look forward to next season and hope to have a full sponsor on the car.


Well after a fair season (finished in the top 20) with the new set up, took some adjusting to the way the new motor launched and adjusting the chassis to the horsepower, at the last race of the season a big bucks race (4 day event) the Transmission let me down with a front clutch pack failure (pressure spring broke) I knew I was in trouble when the car wanted to go in Neutral so I was unable to clear the motor before staging. Oh well thats racing the trans is out and at High-Tech Transmission (sponsor) being rebuilt for the up coming season. I can't wait to race  my son in the "05" Mustang. He has been driving another car (88 mustang) in the off time waiting for the "05" to be finished (see 05 Mustang Page). And as always, I'm still looking for Sponsorship to help in running more races.









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